Flashing a Red-Dot Finder mod

  • Verificarea dimensiunilor a naibii de mici: 30mm x 15mm
  • Do not move!
  • Transferul de toner
  • Un pic de apă călduţă..
  • Cateva retuşuri pentru mărirea suprafeţei
  • Inainte de baia de alcool izopropilic
  • Cel mai mic montaj facut pana acum :)
  • Cea mai mare piesa: condensatorul de 220u
  • Atenţie: plusul cu minusul sunt inversate de la intrare la ieşire!
  • Flashing red dot finder in acţiune :)
  • Eagle files zip
    Eagle files zip
  • Schematic Pdf
    Schematic Pdf

Very frequently only very faint stars will be in close proximity to the object you wish to see.

In such cases even at the dimmest setting of the finder piece, there might still be a small amount of glare that hides the star from your sight, especially when a little dew has formed on the finder's window.

This is a standard (Red-dot finder) from Skywatcher.

On average this will gain you one order of magnitude!

The circuit is based upon (1.5v led flasher) for several reasons:

  • The original battery is 1.5v
  • The design has to fit a very narrow space, and all parts must be few and small.
  • Very low cost: it has to worth shutting down the finder manually

You can find the files here:

Some step by step images are given above, including a sample movie with the finished product.